Cooking tip

& a quick salad dressing


Here’s a recipe for a quick and tasty salad dressing. It can be stirred up in no time and is great with steak. Three simple ingredients simply mixed together – this dressing has a nice kick to it. Give it a go.

Extra virgin olive oil

light soy sauce

Dijon mustard

It’s really that simple. Depending on how much salad is needed, add a teaspoon of the mustard to about 3 tablespoons of the olive oil and soy sauce. mix and blend the dressing together and dress the leaves immediately before serving.

Simple yet deliciously effective.


Another tip which I use all the time to elevate home made sauces is red pepper relish. I add a heaped tablespoon of this stuff into tomato pasta sauces or into chicken casseroles baked in the oven. The red pepper relish I usually use comes from Lidl – it’s great value and has a nice smokey flavour  perfect for pasta sauces with ham or bacon. It’s also great simply spread on crusty bread with cheese.

It’s a great kitchen cheat – that will give your sauces the needed depth & tang. As the best sauces are left to cook and boil down for hours – a tablespoon of relish stirred through a can of chopped tomatoes and some basil, substitutes for time and acts as a flavourful  thickener too.

Although tomato puree brings out a deeper flavour, the relish does its job and more – giving dishes a little spice.

It’s worth a try!


On my trip to Galway city, in the Latin quarter, over weekends there is a food and stall market along the many street encircling a small church close to the quays. There I bought for 10 euro a Provencail garlic grater. It comes with a rubber tube (see photo below) which makes peeling garlic husks in a matter of seconds possible. The garlic clove sits inside whilst you roll the tube quickly between your hands.

The actual grater then is the painted plate with many groves on it. Holding the garlic between your thumb and index finger – you simply rub the garlic in circular movements along the plate. In a matter of minutes you have minced garlic pulp which you can toss into your dishes or pan. The small handled brush is used to collect any pulp still clinging to the plate & the plate itself is dishwasher proof – though a blitz under the tap will do too.

I’m really impressed by this kitchen gadget – so I thought I’d share it here in the scrapbook. The grater can be used to grate almost anything, from carrot, nuteg, most nuts, chocolate, lemons, apple and pears – it’s a nice find.


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