The Burkini

Stop the madness


The French High court has ruled to ban burkinis, essentially a wet-suit which allows women who choose to cover, the ability and freedom to swim and enjoy a day on the beach. As I type hundreds of men and women are protesting outside French embassies across Europe and I stand with them.

France is a republic which was founded on liberation and freedom but in this new legislation I see no pride for secularism nor liberation or equality. The ban is discriminatory as it specifically targets Muslim women. We hear of no ban for the habits of nuns nor bans on the Jewish kippah – if France is to ban religious clothing, arguing that religion in France is to be strictly private – then law must ban all or none at all.

The reality of this madness – is that a country is arguing over whether or not women can wear a wet-suit on the beach, a suit and piece of clothing that doesn’t harm anyone.

What is most disturbing of all – is such a ban mirrors exactly what ISIS is doing: Forcing women TO cover!

if France can’t see the horrendous irony in that, policy makers are missing a few brain cells…


Author: TheAddict'sScrapbook

About the addict: Irish, a madman, a writer, a freelance editor, ranter, a whiskey drinker, a talker, a traveler & a big eater.

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