Measure By Measure

A bit of a giggle in Dublin


Got to spend my birthday weekend in the depths of suspense and drama. Fortune’s Fool productions gave Dubliners a brilliant show. Performing Shakespeare’s comedy ‘Measure by Measure’ with an Irish historic 1916 twist. As her brother’s life falls into the hands of the hangman, a nun must make a decision which could save his life … but is the cost to high? A life for a soul …

There was no entry fee and the actors themselves relied completely on donations (which they truly deserved). It was a brilliant performance & as the stage practically encircled the audience, as we sat in picnic style on the lawns, we became props & the eager spectators at the gallows or the crowds at busy markets.

 The weather was kind too and the beautiful grounds of Dublin Castle was the stage – I’m delighted to have stumbled across it.

It was a fantastic evening and I would recommend you keep an eye-out for this band of actors as somehow I’m assured they’ll make their mark again.

See: Fortune’s Fool Productions

Dublin Castle crowds

Dublin Castle drama

Dublin Castle - the harlot

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