Feta Omelette

The Addict’s recipe


This is a short scrap which is perfect for those of you looking for a quick and healthy meal.

I must confess, this recipe was a fluke really as I was simply looking for a way to get rid of a few leftovers and bits in the fridge but the end result was pretty tasty so I thought I’d post it here. I used a few cooked baby potatoes in the omelette which I sliced and layered in the egg but there were too few to make a Spanish omelette (or tortilla de patatas) but the combination worked really well and as I said before it’s quick and full of protein and vegetables.

I use coconut oil as it is a healthy alternative to olive or vegetable oil but it also gives the omelette a subtle nutty sweetness – which I love.


3 eggs

half a cup of milk

lean ham

cooked beetroot (without brine) 

frozen peas

mixed rocket leaves

feta cheese

spring onion


salt & pepper

baby potatoes

1 tomato

coconut oil
  1. Chop the spring onion, tomato, beetroot and potato into bite sized pieces.
  2. Place chopped onion, tomato, beetroot and the peas into a bowl and add the eggs.
  3. With your hands simply tear the rocket leaves into pieces and add it to the bowl.
  4. Add the milk and mix. Add a little salt & pepper and mix once more until the eggs are well scrambled.
  5. Chop or crumble feta into the omelette mixture.
  6. In a pan, heat the coconut oil.
  7. Pre-heat the grill, which will be used later.
  8. Once the pan is hot tip the mixture into the pan and reshuffle the chopped vegetables and leaves so they are evenly distributed in the omelette.
  9. Sprinkle paprika on top of the cooking omelette
  10.  Keep the pan on high heat and let the bottom of the omelette cook for about 2 mins.
  11. Chop the ham into pieces.
  12. When you see that the sides of the omelette are lifting away – scatter the ham on top of the omelette.
  13. Take the pan off the heat and place it into the grill to cook the top of the omelette. It should take about 2 mins, the egg will be cooked and the ham will have crisped slightly
  14. Remove pan from grill and slide the omelette on to a plate. Dig in!


TIP: a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar on the omelette works well too as it compliments the feta and beetroot combination. It’s eggceedingly good! (yeah, I’ll see myself out …)

Author: TheAddict'sScrapbook

About the addict: Irish, a madman, a writer, a freelance editor, ranter, a whiskey drinker, a talker, a traveler & a big eater.

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