Cooking Up A Storm

Kitchen mayhem in Amsterdam


My last trip (excuse the pun!) to Amsterdam was short and hectic and I was in the marvelous city  for a series of conferences across a long weekend. I had most of my evenings free and as you can imagine, at night Amsterdam is alive. The night before the closure of the conference, we were treated to a night of great food and wine – but there was a catch! We had to cook and prepare it ourselves …

Kookfabriek is a great way to bring a night with friends up a notch. Depending on the size of your group, you’ll be divided into teams and in designated kitchenette units be taken on a fast-track gourmet masterclass. Competing against the other teams, you’ll race under the guidance of expert chefs and cook a three course meal for your team to enjoy.

De Kookfabriek - rissoto

Kook - Kitchen Units

De Kookfabriek Kitchen

I had such a laugh and the cooking activities themselves are a great ice breaker if among a party of strangers or acquaintances as I was. Those very strangers are good friends now and the experience that night was one to remember! Full of wine, laughter & good food.

For all ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ or ‘Masterchef’ enthusiasts! Kookfabriek is a cracking evening out.

This time – too many chefs doesn’t spoil the broth! Give it a go!

Address: The Flinesstraat 4. 1114 AL Amsterdam (Duivendrecht) For further details see:

Other worthy mentions from my short stay in Amsterdam

Gewaeght Cafe - Amsterdam

Gewaeght Cafe is a great bar right in the heart of the city. With large outdoor space with views of the canal walkways and The Waag (Amsterdam’s old medieval city gate), seen posted as the featured image of this scrap – the pub has a great atmosphere & is perfect for those seeking to escape the usual cafes of the city as Gewaeght is licensed only for alcohol. There’s some neat street art to be seen close by too and inside the retro pub is just what you need to put your feet up in a cozy nook with a pint.

Address: Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Volskhotel - Piano Bar

Volskhotel - Ramen

If you’re in the area, The Volkshotel in the Dijp neighborhood is worth a look if you are peckish for a bite to eat. With a hipster meets Ikea vibe, the hotel’s restaurant and bar is great, despite my weird description. We tucked into tasty bowls of Ramen and the menu itself was quite varied – so they’ll be something for everyone.

Take yourself up to the sky lounge too. The views are awesome and the bar has a chill atmosphere where you can soak up the views, throw back some cocktails and listen to some old school chill-out beats.

Address: Wibautstraat 150, 1091 GR Amsterdam, Netherlands. Location: 1 min walk from Wibautstraat train station.


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