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Japanese food in Dublin


I’m a little late with this scrap but a couple of days ago, I caught up with a friend in town. I had wanted to eat at the place for some time now and it was a great excuse. Banyi Japanese Dining is a hidden gem in Dublin fair city. If you want authentic Japanese cuisine that doesn’t break the bank. Banyi is an awesome find. With daily specials and a 10% student discount –  it makes for a great lunch with most dishes coming under just 11 euros.

I ordered the Tori Kara Age bento box which is deep fried Chicken served with Tonkatsu Sauce. Its sweet-tangy kick was amazing and came accompanied with miso soup & rice. Wine is not expensive either but the restaurant boasts  awesome sake cocktails as well as a large selection of teas and cold beers. We ate on a weekday afternoon, so the place was not that busy but the restaurant itself is large enough with seating on two floors. That being said, reservations are wise, especially on the weekend to avoid disappointment.



Though tall people may be at a disadvantage whilst using the toilet (I’m being completely serious!) as the toilet cubicle doesn’t leave much leg room when on the throne. The restaurant itself cannot be faulted. Based on traditional styles, the restaurant, as its website suggests: ‘Once you set foot inside, you are immediately transported away from the hustle and bustle of Temple Bar and immersed in a relaxed Japanese setting and Sushi heaven’. There are no negative reviews online and I’m not surprised. The place has a chilled and welcoming vibe about it and the staff are warm with great service.

You’ll notice I took some snaps of the artwork and drawings that decorate the walls. These pieces of anime or manga come from Japan – which I think adds a little charm to the place. If visiting to eat, you’re welcome to ask about them. As far as I know there is a story attached to all of them.

Incredible sushi with great and quick service – all that’s missing is the karaoke!

Address:  3-4 Bedford Row, Dublin 2



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