A Savvy tip to save your euros …


This scrap is a short one.

I was in Paris for a couple of days for a conference two days ago and had my evenings free to explore the city. As it’s fresh in my mind – I thought I’d post a short scrap on how to save the pennies. Paris is not cheap, especially at its city center and around the popular tourist attractions. Most Parisians buy food and wine from local markets and picnic out in the sun but if you’re looking for that Parisian experience it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

To save money, drink wine, french wine and better yet ask for the local house wine. The prices of beer, stout and spirits are extortionate in most brasseries or cafes. A pint of beer can set you back almost 9 euros and depending on your location the price can be higher! Travel in a group and share a bottle/s of wine, it’s the best value and if in a group of 6, two bottles of Chardonnay equals just 7euros per person for two glasses of wine.

Cafe Francoeur

 Two days ago, I went for drinks at Cafe Francoeur. It was excellent value and has a great atmosphere. The staff were friendly and helpful and as we traveled in a large group of 10, they were very accommodating and were willing to seat us inside despite the trouble & disruption of pulling tables and chairs together. There are no negative reviews on TripAdvisor and after checking the cafe out online, i’m not surprised – I couldn’t fault the service nor the stunning surroundings which pulls you back in time to classic french splendor of gold and faded mirrors.

Soft drinks will set you back but as long as you stick with wine, value can be found especially in a group. Wine was served with complimentary nibbles of olives and cheese and the place is abuzz with chatter and dining Parisians (a good sign). I Couldn’t recommend this place enough. It’s a gem among the expensive and touristic bars of Paris centre.

Address: 129 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris, France

cafe francoeur Inside


The cafe is only a 10 minute walk from atop Sacre-Coeur, which is a great spot in itself to take in the amazing views of the city and to listen to street performers and picnic as a true Parisian. (Though expect beer sellers interrupting conversation as they try and sell bottles of Heineken for a euro a bottle…. it’s cheap alright but the beer will be warm).

Music Sacre-Coeur

 AnothCafe Francoeur - tableer worthy mention of my short stay two days ago is a small Brasserie close to the metro Port de vincennes. Called Le Metro – you can grab a tasty cheese and ham toastie  or ‘Croque-monsieur'(they’ve a great dinner menu too) with french fries or salad for just 7 euros. Friendly staff with great service – makes for a nice lunch.

Address: Just under the bridge close to Porte de Vincennes metro. Cours de Vincennes, Paris,

Happy Wining,



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