Het Rembrandthuis

I mentioned in my last post how awesome the Rembrand Museum was during my visit in Amsterdam. The museum itself is situated along the canal at Waterlooplein, at the famous market. The building was Rembrand’s own home which functioned as a gallery too as he was an art dealer as well as an artist himself. As an art critic and teacher he managed his business at home. The exterior of the town house remains as it did so many years ago.  Rembrand lived in the house from 1639 until 1656 where he went bankrupt. The museum holds his famous etchings and paintings from many of his contemporaries, many of which were students of his.

Rembrand House

Rembrand Corner

I couldn’t recommend this museum enough. It’s great value for money and you will need to dedicate at least half the day to make the most of it and see the large collection of artwork, sculptures and Rembrand’s household workshop and chamber. The audio tour comes at no extra cost and gives great insight into the paintings, telling listeners about the stories depicted but also the story behind the artwork, who it once belonged to and how it was sold.

Rembrand Press Rembrand Collections

Rembrand sculpture

As well as a great audio tour, the museum also has a number of interactive workshops throughout the day. One such workshop presents Rembrand’s process of ink pressing, where you can see an ink press from start to finish and will learn so much along the way. It was so enjoyable. Other workshops showed visitors how paint was made back in the 15th century. You get the chance to mix and blend paint & learn how paint is extracted through crushing precious stones. FUN RANDOM FACT: In most Renaissance paintings the colour blue is rarely used as blue paint requires precious blue marble stones which were very expensive.

I really couldn’t recommend this museum enough.As you can tell I learnt interesting things and had fun along the way as the workshops are a great laugh to have with others on the tour group.

TIP: Try and get to the museum early in the morning to take advantage of all four workshops throughout the day. Each interactive workshop/tour happens once that day – so if you want to join all of them … as they say: the early bird catches the worm

For more information see: Rembrand Museum 

Address: Museum Het Rembrandthuis
Jodenbreestraat 4
1011 NK Amsterdam.



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