Waterlooplein Markt

On my interrail I visited many markets, flea markets especially because I love to find quirky things (junk mostly) but often they’re cool items of clothing or a knickknack which I can bring back as a little collection or souvenir from my travels. In Berlin, I bought a wacky clown shirt. It was 2 euro, so I thought: why the hell not? I’m poor so my impulse buying is limited anyhow – whether this is a good thing or not I’m unsure.

Waterlooplein market is famous and if taking a tour of Amsterdam it will be pointed out. If the weather is good, it’s a great way to kill some time. Even if you’re not buying, it’s nice to check out and there are pubs close by to soak in the atmosphere.

Waterlooplien Markt

Waterlooplien Art

Waterlooplien Stalls

The market itself stretches along the bank of the canal and at one end is the famous Rembrand museum which was awesome. Not only full of art but great interactive workshops and an audio tour at no extra cost. I couldn’t get over how cheap it was. It was 9 euros entry and I spent at least half the day there and even then I didn’t get to see all of the artworks nor all the demonstrations (bear in mind I am a student but even so I don’t think the entry price was greatly different). At the market, I got a locket for my sister – as far as jewelry goes Waterlooplein has dozens of vendors and if antiques  grabs your interest like me, you’ll be in luck as the market itself is famous for its antique dealers. A few antique stores also surround the market vendors too so If like me you like wandering about looking at bits and pieces – the market is just the place.

It’d be a shame not to visit, if only to browse and sit out in the sun with an ice cream or  Bittenballen and cold beer.  If you want to take it easy, kill a hangover or some time – spend it here. It’s free to enter and who knows something might catch your eye …



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