Belgian Waffles

It’s a shame Brussels is a city often overlooked. There’s more to Brussels than Euro bureaucrats, it’s a buzzing centre for food and culture and it is easy to navigate despite its many narrow lanes and streets. This scrap is a short one and includes a quick recipe for one of Belgium’s  most famous inventions – waffles.

Belgian waffles were first showcased in Brussels in Expo-58 at the Brussels World Fair in 1958. A fair which celebrated both art, food and inventions across the globe. Brought to the USA by Belgian Walter Cleyman  – waffles became an instant hit and the rest is history.

Royal Palace Brussels

It was here atop the Mont de Arts, seen in the photo above, that I tucked in to the famous snack. Traditionally Beligan waffles are served simply with whipped cream but the toppings and sauces vary from nutella to maple syrup. A waffle stand stood near the great fountain at the top of the hill at the Palace and I went with tradition as I sat back and enjoyed the view in the sun tucking in with sticky hands.

After Walter brought them across the Atlantic, waffles soon became a breakfast dish among Americans but traditionally, Belgian waffles are a sweet snack. Whether it’s breakfast, dessert or a sneaky treat – waffles are easy to make and are mouth-wateringly good

If you haven’t tried it before, you’re missing out….

Ingredients (15 waffles)

2 cups of flour
4 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of table salt
1/2 cup of vegetable or sunflower oil
1/4 cup of caster sugar
2 large eggs
2 cups of milk
whipped cream for topping.
  1.  In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together.
  2. In a smaller bowl, separate the yolks from the white of the eggs.
  3. Mix the yolks, the milk and oil together.
  4. Add the mixed yolks, milk and oil to the dry ingredients.
  5. mix well until all is blended together.
  6. Beat the egg whites until light and fluffy
  7. Add beaten whites to the mixture by folding.
  8. Cook in batches using a waffle iron until golden.

Serve with whipped cream and sprinkled with a little sugar – dig in!

Note: The waffle should be crispy and golden on the outside and deliciously fluffy on the inside.

If you don’t have a waffle iron – Don’t worry. You can cook in batches on a heated pan with some oil, flipping them until both sides are golden. The waffles won’t have the indented design but will taste the same!

Grand Place Museum

Museum of Brussels – at the Grand Place.

Palais de Justice close up

Close up of the Palais de Justice – an amazing building with great views of the city.

If you’re interested in trying the very same waffle that I did on my trip. You should find a vendor atop the steps overlooking the gardens and the statue of Albert. A great place to sit and soak up the atmosphere – the waffle was tasty and good value too costing just 3 euros, I believe.

Visit: Mont des Arts, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


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