Brussels’ Street Art

Graffiti in Brussels city.


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post. Brussels is a great city which is mistakenly overlooked. It has a great mix of new and historic architecture with some streets still lined with cobble stones and old lanterns. It’s the city’s street art however that springs to mind whenever I think back on my trip there. When I scour through my photographs of the place, it’s obvious why some many pieces caught my eye and I thought it mad at the time not to take some snaps …

Brussels - boy&balloon

Keep your eyes pealed as you make your way across the city, you’ll be surprised at just how many art pieces are to be found. From the very large to the very small, keep an eye out as you go exploring as some are in more obscure locations than others.

Brussels - dog & bone

Brussels - Boy&Elephant

What’s great is you’ll find yourself wandering down streets you would’ve never bothered to check out. ┬áMy hostel offered comic book maps, a checklist if you like, to help you find the different graffiti around the heart of the city but I choose to go without instead of burdening myself with a feeling of obligation, never to rest until I had snapped them all …

Brussels is easy to navigate, so you can hit the pavement without any fear of getting lost

Brussels - fox street art

Brussels has many street art tours which can let you in on the history and stories behind the art and murals. When I return to the city, it will be the first thing on my list to do as I have so many artworks left to see and would love to get an insight into the messages, themes and stories behind the various artists and works.

Brussels - Walk on Air

My favorite artworks I came across are posted below. The first photo is one I posted as the featured image in an earlier blog. It’s a pity the Palais de Justice was under restoration at the time, it’s a magnificent building and the view from atop its hill is worth the climb. The artwork interested me for the action it captured. You have to ask yourself who the angelic woman is? Who is the monk helping her and will she flee from the Jaguar? I’d love to know the story behind it, perhaps it comes from a Belgian folk-story, a book maybe? – but for now I’ll never know…

The street art below the woman’s dash for safety, I title – The Devil’s BBQ . It’s a bit naff and makes me chuckle but I reckon it’s one that is often missed. If I hadn’t gazed back to look up at the Palais in the distance – I wouldn’t have snapped it

Palais de Justice

brussels - heaven street art

I usually post the locations to the things I mention but I’ll leave the discovering to you this time. If anyone knows any information about the artwork – I’m all ears! It’d be great to pin stories to the art but perhaps the stories & messages are simply what you make of it …

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2 thoughts on “Brussels’ Street Art”

  1. Fascinating. I hadn’t registered Brussels as a street art destination. The walls all look very comic book (Tintinesque) influenced, quite unlike the street art we find here in Bristol. One for the bucket list.


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